3 Simple Self-Care Tips To Improve Your Wellbeing

What time is it? Self-care time!

Are you guilty of telling yourself that you’re “too busy” for self-care? It’s a popular topic these days, in the midst of the pandemic. As simple as it sounds, many of us don’t pay enough attention to self-care. We save our resources for work and for looking after others, but we don’t realise that before anything else, we need to make sure that we’re okay.

What exactly is self-care and why is it so important?

Self-care is any activity that we do deliberately to take care of our emotional, mental and physical health. It encourages you to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself so that you can transmit the good feelings to others. Self-care tends to increase positive thinking and makes us less susceptible to stress, depression, anxiety and other emotional health issues. The result? You are better equipped to deal with any difficult situations that may come your way

A common misconception is that self-care is a selfish act, but it’s far from that. You cannot give to others what you don’t have yourself. When you pay attention to your well-being, you are putting yourself in a better position to subsequently take care of others.

Today, we’re going to cover 3 self-care tips to improve your wellbeing. Taking time out to care for yourself helps to remind you that your needs are important too, amidst the flurry of activities going on in your life.

1. Get Active

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Staying active can not only benefit your physical health, but also your mental health. We understand that staying at home has made working out a logistical challenge. Thankfully, Youtube has a multitude of at-home workout videos that you can follow without any equipment, or you can go for a jog if you’re able to.

2. Stay Connected

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Social distancing may have reduced your social interactions to the people that you live with. For those that live alone, loneliness may be a significant problem. Now is the time to activate your support network if you haven’t already. Reach out to people who you care about and check in with them. These calls may not be the best replacements for meeting your friends in real life, but they’re a pretty good substitute.

Take this opportunity to check in on your friends and colleagues, see how they’re doing today and catch up a little. 

3. Practice Pausing 

Photo by Kelvin Valerio from Pexels

When stress and anxiety levels are high, consciously taking a break can help to keep you grounded by centering your mind on the present moment. One simple and effective way to do this is what I like to call a “breathing break”.

For the next minute or so, just focus on your breathing. Notice the rise and fall of your chest as you inhale and exhale. Notice the warm air that leaves your nostrils, notice how it feels. If you need some guided help, try out one of our 3 breathing exercises on the MindFi app

Those are just 3 simple tips that you can practice everyday. Remember, self care isn’t selfish. When you put yourself at the top of your to-do list every single day, the rest will fall into place.

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