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Corporate Mental Wellness has an undeniable impact on company productivity, healthcare costs, and more. Experience immediate improvements in workforce wellbeing with MindFi's Global Mastermind Challenge.

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Mental wellbeing initiatives don’t have to be boring. Designed by licensed wellbeing practitioners, the Global Mastermind Challenge (GMC) is a fun, effective 100-day mental wellness journey for workforces.

 We’ve crafted the GMC to  foster “fit” minds and healthier workforces in a way that aligns with your company structure and ultimate wellbeing goals.

Gamified with teams of five

Wide variety of mindfulness exercises

Regular wellness assessments

Library of evidence-backed content

Granular corporate wellness analytics

Better habits incentivized through prizes

The Global Mastermind Challenge produces real results


of challenge participants experienced wellbeing improvements


increase in wellbeing scores among challenge participants

What employees have to say


United Kingdom

“MindFi is an amazing app, which has been very helpful for me in the past few weeks, increasing my capacity to deal with self-isolation and to remain focused on my tasks through the day. Being mindful helps you become fully engaged in activities and creates a greater capacity to deal with adverse events. 



“I had never imagined even an app like these could provide mental stability. It has helped me in maintaining calm during tense situations and has made me more resilient.”



“The focus mode encourages people to intentionally set aside a few minutes just to focus on the present moment and not be distracted by incoming messages and notifications. It helps to clear up the mind and regain clarity before moving on to the next task for the day.”



“Three months of clocking and it feels like I added another year to my life. Less time in a world where we #DoItForTheGram and more #MeTime.”



Have being stayed at home for more than two months since circuit breaker, and I think I almost got cabin fever until mindfulness app is introduced. After trying breathe, mood and focus in MindFi app, they helped to pull me out from negative mood, and unwind myself physically and mentally. Will continue to clock my happiness as one of WFH toolkit to adapt to the new norm.


You’ll be in good company

In this episode of “The Masterminds”, we feature Professor Kua Ee Heok, Professor in Psychiatry and Neuroscience from NUS School of Medicine. Professor Kua shares his journey of fighting mental health stigma in Singapore, his war stories, and most importantly, his tried-and-tested Seven Habits to Combat Anxiety.

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