April 2022 Wellbeing and Mental Health Calendar — Free Download
April 2022 is Stress Awareness Month. Celebrate better mental and emotional health this month with MindFi's downloadable calendar wallpaper!

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We hope the events and activities listed on the calendar can help spark ideas for your workplace! For example, you could create workshops, displays and health fairs, or company outreach material (like blog posts and emails).

By the way, April 2022 is Stress Awareness Month. Looking to help your employees cope with stress? MindFi will be running two separate MindFi Spaces (group sharing sessions open to the public) on stress within our app. You’re free to join 🙂

Come one, come all to our community events!

Unlike other mental health apps, MindFi features a rolling calendar of live events for the community. Finding it hard to keep track of our Live Classes and Spaces?

Check out our MindFi Event Calendar, where we've organized everything into easy views just for you.

Peep the wallpaper previews below — this is what the wallpaper looks like on a Macbook Air.

Interested in developing a corporate wellbeing program that just works? The MindFi team is always happy to provide support so you can achieve your company’s mental health and wellness goals.

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