Eating Masterclass

The relationship between food, emotions and the physical body is important, yet rarely explored in our daily lives. This Masterclass helps to reveal employee attitudes towards consumption so they can cultivate a more satisfying relationship with food.

Learning Outcomes

Improve Control Over Impulse Eating

Mindful eating can help employees become aware of the true origins of hunger so they can take control of their food intake — especially important in Work From Home settings.

Reduce Emotional Attachment to Food

In many cases, poor relationships with food are caused by unaddressed needs. By identifying these, it’s possible to enjoy a more peaceful and healthy life.

Develop Better Food Choices and Habits

When equipped with a greater understanding of the connection between emotions and their food choices, people can enjoy more freedom when it comes to snacks, drinks, and meals.

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Our capable Care Providers will walk your team through four important modules that reveal the human connection to food.

Module 1: Pause

Explore Experiential Eating – participants learn to develop body and sense awareness like breathing and exploring types of hunger.

Module 2: Listen

Learn how to listen to the body and detect levels of fullness. Through mandala art, participants learn about emotional hunger.

Module 3: Focus

Use mealtimes to calm mental chatter and discover the purpose a vision board when identifying visions and focusing on intentions.

Module 4: Change

Often, we want something so badly that we get too attached to it. Letting go of food urges can help to materialise what you really want.

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