Energy Masterclass

In a fast-paced, high-pressure world, it can be challenging to maintain healthy energy levels. This Masterclass on energy is designed by UCSD’s Prof. Steve Hickman and a group of corporate performance coaches.

Learning Outcomes

Enhance Sleep and Energy Levels

Energy levels are closely correlated to sleep quality. A more mindful approach to sleep can translate to better energy throughout the day.

Improve Interpersonal Relationships

People with healthy energy levels can interact with others freely instead of being clouded by brain fog, exhausation, or even anger.

Increase Focus, Motivation and Drive

There are 5 dimensions of energy and wellbeing – physical, mental, emotional, social and purpose. Employees can follow concrete steps to alleviate imbalances.

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Our capable Care Providers will walk your team through four important modules that deepen their leadership skills.

Module 1: Body

Learn to master the daily energy cycle by understanding your circadian rhythms to work, live and sleep better.

Module 2: Mind

Increase your focus and concentration by learning new techniques based on mindfulness and digital detoxification.

Module 3: Heart

Train emotional intelligence to improve the quality of leadership decisions, team dynamics and personal goals.

Module 4: Purpose

Align personal passions with professional goals to achieve maximum impact with journaling and self-compassion.

Interested in a Masterclass on energy levels?

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