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Imagine going to a music festival or conference and not having a schedule that you could reference at any moment.

All day, you’d wander around the exhibition hall wondering which way to go, stuck with that feeling like you were missing something really important. And by the end of the event, you’d go home feeling like the entire day was a waste of time. “If only I had a schedule,” you’d think to yourself. “Then maybe I’d know what I was supposed to do.”

At MindFi, we want to help you avoid that problem. Take a look at our calendar below, or sync events directly to your own calendar! You can bookmark this page for even easier access. We promise to keep it updated.

MindFi Event Calendar

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    Quick guide to MindFi events

    We offer users a unique opportunity to explore forums and live events that can help their wellbeing journey. All of our community features are managed, developed, and moderated by local therapists and coaches around Asia. You’re sure to receive culturally-relevant, empathetic support.

    MindFi Circles (Forums)

    MindFi Circles enable you to experience a sense of community throughout your wellbeing journey. You can engage in public or private Circles (only for select companies), where private Circles are only for other employees of your company.

    Circles allow you to undertake the following actions:

    • Post content (which can also be done anonymously)
    • Read posts from users and assigned MindFi coaches / therapists (with ⭐️ verified badges)
    • Like or Reply to a post

    MindFi Classes (Events)

    The MindFi app provides a wide selection of classes covering key wellbeing topics. They are hosted by our expert community of coaches/therapists and last around 20 to 30 minutes. You can join the class live or view past class recordings any time, anywhere.

    Classes are also accessible from the home page within the MindFi app.

    MindFi Spaces (Events)

    MindFi also provides more immersive sharing sessions, referred to as Spaces. In a Space, you will focus on a specific topic (such as productivity or stress) and discuss tips, tricks, and personal experiences with other participants. Each one lasts about 40 to 60 minutes. These are fun and engaging discussions.

    How can we help?

    At MindFi, we’re always looking to improve our selection of community events and product features. You can message us any time at help@mindfi.co. 

    Better mental health together

    Any employee assistance programs you offer must accommodate unique cultural values. Deliver the right support at the right time with MindFi, and achieve optimal productivity and performance!

    Better mental health together

    The employee assistance programs you offer to employees need to accommodate for unique cultural values and circumstances. MindFi can help you deliver the right support at the right time. Let's achieve optimal productivity and performance.