• Take Control of Your Finances

    Nothing can stop you from getting what you want: a better lifestyle, more income, or a dream holiday. Managing one's finance need not be stressed or stretched out when the means cannot meet the end. It is not rocket science nor a zero-sum formula. A few ideas may help rework the finance and make temporary …

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    Finance Coaching

    Exclusive for Corporate Clients! Book a complimentary 20-minutes Career Coaching sessions with one of these coaches: Koh Siag Lan, Samantha Chiang, Tey Hsi Meng & Sherrie Eitler on the booking page below.

    Freedom Friday: Mindful Eating

    Join us for a sensory eating experience like no other in this Mindful Eating Workshop. BYO lunch and be guided by Holistic Health Coach Emily Spurling as you become fully present and acutely aware of every bite you take. You'll also learn the importance of being present for good digestion & how to tap into …

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    Self-Care Starts With You

    Self-care doesn’t mean me first, it means me too! It is something that you and I deserve to have. Self-care is different for everyone. In conjunction with International Self-Care Day, Certified Counselor, Nattanahree Mintakhat (Jip) will share with you strategies for good physical and mental health so that you walk away feeling empowered!