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Empower your
small business with wellbeing that works

Be proactive with building quality teams & retaining your talents — using a wellbeing solution that’s personalized, fast to launch, and friendly on your budget.

Trusted partner of

leading & high growth companies

There are trade-offs to be made when you’re small.

But employee wellbeing should not be one of them.

Preventive wellbeing care

  • Not inactive or reactive

Personalization for all employees

  • Not a generic one-size-fits all

Destigmatize wellbeing by providing community support

  • Not ignore it and leave employees to face issues alone

Must-have wellbeing benefits, proven to drive productivity

  • Not nice-to-haves with limited utilization and impact

5+ years and thousands of employees later — 82% of our users have experienced wellbeing improvements because of our proactive approach. Now, we’re bring our winning recipe to SMBs.

For employees

  • Engaging self care resources for employees to gain wellbeing support by themselves
  • Quality professional care for wellbeing support through the experts

For employers

  • Everything you need to promote your program and drive long term employee utilization
  • Everything you need to track program utilization rates and its impact on employee wellbeing and productivity — in real time

Our proactive approach to corporate wellbeing provides targeted care to employees based on their condition and demonstrated need.


of employees experience improved wellbeing


Utilization rates amongst our clients (industry highest)


reduction in depression (collaborative study with Singapore General Hospital)

The most SMB-friendly wellbeing solution yet

Enterprise-level solutions are extremely inaccessible for SMBs. While free resources and low cost traditional EAPs fail to drive real utilization and impact.

MindFi X changes everything.

Practical and effective

Be proactive with supporting employee wellbeing — but without the enterprise price tag.

Feature-packed. Easy to use.

Everything employees need for wellbeing support and for employers to track & improve their program. All in one simple platform.

Effortless to deploy

Launch your program easily with our automated process. Get employees onboarded within days, but drive impact for years to come.

Register your interest with the form below and we’ll reach out with more details including pricing and how to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is MindFi?

We’re a wellbeing solution provider and that’s based in Singapore but work with global APAC clients. For the past 5 years, we have partnered with hundreds of brands, across 10+ industries, and continue to serve thousands of their employees.

What is MindFi X?

It’s an all-in-one wellbeing platform that’s created just for SMBs. We’re taking our enterprise-grade winning formula and making it extremely accessible for any SMB in APAC.

Is MindFi X a newly launched solution?

Yes, MindFi X was officially launched in Q3 2023. While the platform is new, the philosophy and technology underneath is very much proven to work.

How is MindFi X different from other employee wellbeing solutions?

2 ways:

One, MindFi X is the only all-in-one platform that’s made just for SMBs, making it extremely accessible for any brand.

Two, we take a unique proactive approach to wellbeing that’s proven to drive utilization and improvements.

Can we still use MindFi if we already have a traditional EAP for employees?

Yes. While MindFi X also has EAP features, you don’t have to use them if you don’t want to displace your current provider.

MindFi X expands beyond the traditional EAP model by introducing other proactive initiatives. When combined, it’s been proven to drive utilization and wellbeing improvements.

What is your pricing like?

Pricing starts from just S$25 per employee per year. Register your interest with the form to find out more.

What countries can you support?

We currently support 37 countries:

Asia: Singapore, Malaysia, India, Vietnam, China, Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Bangladesh, Maldives,

Oceania: Australia, New Zealand

Americas: USA, Canada, Chile, Peru, Brazil

Europe: United Kingdom, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, France, Poland, Portugal, Russia

Middle East & Africa: United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Iran, South Africa, Zambia