Supercharge Employee Wellbeing in 2023!

It's time to switch to an EAP that delivers real results. MindFi's community-first approach destigmatizes mental health at work while fostering a culture of wellbeing in your organization.

Is your EAP really improving employee mental health or just "ticking the box"?

5 in 6 employees do not feel sufficiently supported

4 reasons why your EAP lacks efficacy

#1: It perpetuates the stigma of mental health

There is a lack of open conversations on sensitive topics like mental health and wellbeing at the workplace. Employees don’t often feel comfortable communicating with their managers and colleagues on their struggles, and many traditional EAPs fail to change this mindset.

#2: It suffers from low utilization

Organizations fail to sufficiently prioritize and promote wellbeing. Employees generally lack awareness of their EAP benefits, in addition to concerns about stigma. They are not inclined to seek help and Many EAPs have become wasted resources.

#3: It’s reactive rather than proactive

Most traditional EAPs only begin to offer help after the employee is already in a state of crisis. This results in anxiety, depression, burnout, and other symptoms that could have been prevented with prompt and proactive care.

#4: It’s too inhibitive for the diverse needs of your workplace

Many EAPs fail to empower people to take care of their own mental health and wellbeing. They don’t empower leaders, managers, and employees to jointly build better culture together.

Supercharge employee wellbeing and your EAP in 2023! #futureofwork

Cover 16 Wellbeing Domains

MindFi’s 3 pillars of care cover topics across 16 wellbeing domains, delivering a full spectrum of support for every aspect of work and life.

Businesses who partner with MindFi enjoy support and counsel from licensed psychologists to continuously improve wellbeing at work.

Gamified with teams

Wide variety of mindfulness exercises

Regular wellness assessments

Library of evidence-backed content

Granular corporate wellness analytics

Better habits incentivized through prizes

Empower and mobilize Community Assets to foster a culture of wellbeing

Self Care

MindFi App access & Premium content including video classes and audio-guided exercises in over 10 languages

Group Care

L&D Masterclasses, 1-to-15 Group Counseling & Coaching as well as provider follow-up in MindFi Communities

Private Care

1-to-1 Counselling and Coaching, 24/7 Care Concierge covering chat and hotline for emergency support

Our community-first wellbeing ecosystem

Personalized care options for different situations and needs

MindFi’s resources for employees go beyond traditional mental health topics, covering 16 wellbeing domains. Uniquely personalized based on individual wellbeing psychometrics and powerful AI-matching. 

Community-driven access to licensed Care Providers

MindFi’s licensed Care Providers work together with your own internal Wellbeing Champions to build a culture of support from the inside out. Employees enjoy intimate access to psychologists and coaches with our unique community-first approach.

L&D Programs to upskill your workforce

As the future of work becomes more complex, positive change has to begin with your organization’s leaders. We provide expert-designed masterclasses and team coaching for leaders, managers, internal Wellbeing Champions and HR Teams.

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Enjoy 2 complimentary wellbeing workshops ($2000 value!) for your organization after contracting with us.

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Schedule your chat with MindFi to claim your live MindFi demo and a free premium MindFi trial for your HR team.

Enjoy 2 complimentary wellbeing workshops ($2000 value!) for your organization after contracting with us.​

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