Employee mental health matters every day.

World Mental Health Day is celebrated on October 10th to raise awareness about the importance of mental condition. But for employers, the happiness and mental wellbeing of employees should be a daily priority. MindFi can help.

Is your EAP really improving employee mental health or just "ticking the box"?

5 in 6 employees do not feel sufficiently supported

How can employers invest in mental health?

Promote a healthy work-life balance

When employees feel like they have a good balance between their work and personal lives, they are less likely to experience stress and burnout. Offer flexible work arrangements, encourage employees to take breaks during the workday, and provide access to resources such as child care and mental health services.

Employ a community-based approach

Create a positive environment where employees feel comfortable communicating with their managers and colleagues, and where they feel like their voices are heard.

Provide training and education

Employers can support employee mental health by offering training and resources on topics such as stress management, time management, and communication. These resources can help employees to better understand and manage their mental health. They can also help employees to identify early signs of mental health problems and to seek help when needed.

Start your journey of wellbeing with MindFi

Cover 16 Wellbeing Domains

MindFi’s 3 pillars of care cover topics across 16 wellbeing domains, delivering a full spectrum of support for every aspect of work and life.

Businesses who partner with MindFi enjoy support and counsel from licensed psychologists to continuously improve wellbeing at work.

Gamified with teams

Wide variety of mindfulness exercises

Regular wellness assessments

Library of evidence-backed content

Granular corporate wellness analytics

Better habits incentivized through prizes

Lead with our community-first approach

Comprehensive Wellbeing through 3 Pillars of Care

MindFi empowers employees with access to personalized care based on their individual state of wellbeing, challenges and areas of interest with AI-driven recommendations.

Self Care

MindFi App access & Premium content including video classes and audio-guided exercises in 10 languages

Group Care

L&D Masterclasses, 1-to-15 Group Counselling & Coaching as well as provider follow-up in MindFi Communities

Private Care

1-to-1 Counselling and Coaching, 24/7 Care Concierge covering chat and hotline for emergency support

An approach rooted in community

Positive company culture reduces turnover

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, poor company culture is a major reason why employees want to leave their workforce. Employee priorities and values have changed greatly. No matter their age or industry, employees want more than a monthly paycheck. 

Community-driven workplaces are happier

Topics like mental health can be heavily stigmatized, especially in Asian workplaces. To drive higher EAP utilization and efficacy, HR managers need to build cultures of wellbeing within the workplace. When employees feel they are not alone, they are more likely to turn to mental health resources and seek out support.

Receive a complimentary offer worth $3000

Mental Health First Aid

This 60-minute Masterclass outlines the signs and symptoms of common mental health difficulties, giving you the skills and confidence to provide initial help and support.

Crisis Management and Intervention

MindFi’s Crisis Management and Intervention Training Program is a 2 hour training that equips employees with skills that enable them to identify a Mental Health Crisis, understand how to escalate effectively, and provide on-site support until professional care is obtained.

The mental health platform that produces real results


of challenge participants experienced wellbeing improvements


increase in wellbeing scores among MindFi users

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