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The most proactive EAP &
employee wellbeing platform yet

Want more employee utilisation? More effective and measurable results? Learn how we can transform wellbeing into a must have benefit for your organisation.

Drive active participation

Communal support to battle stigma

Our unique community-driven approach to wellbeing promotes open conversations and normalises mental health and wellbeing challenges.

Upholding privacy for psychological safety

We prioritise anonymity and privacy on our platforms to create a safe space for your people to learn, seek help and thrive.

Create awareness for your big launch and beyond

We’ll provide you with an effective marketing communications toolkit to market your program internally and drive continuous awareness and utilisation.

Personalise every experience

Total cultural relevance

11 global languages supported and professional care coverage in 30+ global countries across APAC, North America, Europe, & the Middle East.

Diverse wellbeing resources to cater to every need and interest

200+ topics covered across 13 key wellbeing needs including mental, financial, nutrition, career, and more.

Plus, a comprehensive network of 1000+ clinical psychologists, psychologists, counsellors, therapists, & coaches.

Preventive and effective care

Counselling and coaching that’s timely & apt

Match employees to the right professional care provider based on specific wellbeing needs. And get them in a 1-1 session in as little as 24 hours.

24/7 support and care

Trained mental health first-aiders will provide round the clock support to diffuse urgent issues. And proactively reach out to employees in negative wellbeing states to get them help that they need.

Psycho-education through self-care content

Engaging self-care content across webinars and audio guided exercises. Plus, AI recommended content based on personal wellbeing tracking assessments. Prevention begins with education.

Gain actionable insights and achieve ROI

Real time engagement, wellbeing, and productivity tracking

Access real time data to learn how successful your program is driving utilisation and its impact on employee wellbeing and productivity levels.

Gain actionable insights to inform your wellbeing strategy

Be empowered with AI generated actionable insights and recommendations based on your data. Refine your strategy and take clear actions to address employee wellbeing needs.

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