Move from a reactive to a proactive model of wellbeing

What does it mean to be proactive with wellbeing? Its being preventive (than reactive) towards wellbeing issues. Its utilizing accurate analytics to direct your program. And it means integrating your intiatives so that you can deploy your best strategy.

All wellbeing initiatives & resources on one platform

MindFi initiatives & resources

  • 1 – 1 counselling & coaching appointments

  • 24/7 care via hotline or chat

  • Masterclasses — workshops centred around wellbeing topics

  • MindFi App — self-care content & exercises. Counsellor & coach booking portal. Online communities

  • Mastermind Challenge — gamified wellbeing challenge to engage and drive up employee participation

Internal initiatives & resources

Integrate your internal wellbeing resources with ours via the MindFi app and analytics hub for more effective program administration and impact tracking.

Community activation for preventive care​

Connecting employees and providers

MindFi’s community groups facilitate discussions and interactions between employees and providers in a group setting like peer support groups and wellbeing interest groups. We also conduct group coaching to address specific wellbeing topics in a 1 coach to up to 15 employees setting.


Empowering leaders & wellbeing champions

A culture around wellbeing starts from the top. We’ll conduct specialized training for leaders and managers as well as wellbeing champions (peers) to prioritize and advocate wellbeing to their work teams and peers.

Science-backed wellbeing analytics for personalization

Personalisation for the individual and organization​

MindFi’s app content is smartly adjusted based on personal wellbeing & productivity scores (WHO-5 & WOS-5) for the individual.

Anonymous group-level data reports also help HR teams adjust their overarching wellbeing program based on demonstrated needs.

Insights for HR​

Real-time dashboard via the MindFi Hub and quarterly business reports for HR to track wellbeing progress and its positive impacts on HR metrics.

Employers see real results with MindFi

MindFi’s unique approach to corporate wellbeing provides targeted care to employees based on their condition and demonstrated need. 


Utilization rates amongst our clients

(industry highest)


of employees experience improved wellbeing


reduction in depression

(collaborative study with a major hospital group)

Trusted by leading employers

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