Science-backed wellbeing
solutions with heart

MindFi provides smart and proven mental wellbeing support that is suitable for today's hectic and high-pressure working world.

Train your brain at the Mind Fitness Gym

Though the mind is the most powerful asset of the modern world, it often goes untrained. As a result, symptoms like burnout, fatigue, anxiety, and exhaustion are commonplace.

With MindFi, users can receive the right tools, support, and training to strengthen their minds and achieve their full potential. 

Timely and relevant care that works

Self-care toolkit
on demand

Enjoy self-guided programs just for you, based on your current condition and mood. Over time, you’ll build important skills that help you navigate life’s ups and downs.

Support from a diverse, caring community

Our community features help to facilitate a culture of wellbeing. Read posts from fellow MindFi-ers, participate in group therapy, and share accountability.

Private care on topics that matter

Find a “personal trainer” among our licensed behavioral coaches, therapists, and even nutritionists. Fit the care you need into your schedule. 

Backed by research, proven in the workplace.

Care for your best self

Our self-help resources are produced by leading mental health professionals from all around Asia. With regular use of the app's enriching mental health content, MindFi users can develop valuable life skills and build their mental resilience.

Care that grows with you

Mental health changes and fluctuates on a daily basis, so we designed a solution that accommodates all levels of need. Members can access help in the formats that work for them.

In addition to group-based forums and video sessions with licensed providers, our text, audio, and video self-help content is available any time, anywhere.

Care from certified experts

Our multilingual coaches, therapists, and even nutritionists come from over 14 countries. With services in numerous languages and topic-specific support related to LGBTQ+, parenting, unique cultural norms, and so much more, we make care accessible to all.

Care that leads to progress

MindFi's intelligent technology empowers members to take full control of their mental health. Our platform smartly assesses anonymized session activity so that anyone can effectively track their progress, receive relevant care recommendations, and chart a path towards their best self.

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