Science-driven and
employee wellbeing programs

MindFi integrates our network of providers with research-based content and a unique community-first approach to ensure your team receives the most effective care possible.

Comprehensive Wellbeing through
3 Pillars of Care

MindFi empowers employees with access to personalized care based on their individual state of wellbeing, challenges and areas of interest. Supercharged with AI-driven recommendations.

Self Care

Employees can develop long-term healthy habits through consistent practice supported by over 600 science-based video classes and audio-guided exercises.

Track personal wellbeing with MindFi’s psychometrics tools and embark on personalized journeys with custom recommendations.

Group Care

Our psychoeducation-based L&D Masterclasses and research-backed Group Counseling & Coaching is born out of our unique community-first approach and belief that wellbeing should not be a lonely journey.

After Masterclasses and Group Counseling & Coaching sessions, participants continue to interact with our provider network as well as with each other on MindFi’s in-app Communities.

Private Care

Easily book confidential 1-to-1 counseling or coaching sessions with anyone from our provider network.
MindFi’s proprietary AI engine matches employees to counselors based on their location, language, profile, psychometrics and preferred wellbeing topics.

Users can also access 24/7 support provided by our care concierge through text chat or by calling a hotline.

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Your support system for everything

MindFi’s 3 pillars of care cover topics across 16 wellbeing domains, delivering a full spectrum of support for every aspect of work and life.

Enjoy the highest EAP utilization rates

How we keep employees engaged and excited while benefiting from our wellbeing programs


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Content for

An extensive library of wellbeing content

and Events

Psychoeducation led by our Care Providers


Gamified Wellness Challenges


Complete spectrum of continuous support

HR Analytics for employers to gain insights and track ROI

In addition to tracking participation and engagement, MindFi empowers employers with workforce psychometrics based on The World Health Organization’s WHO-5 Wellbeing Index and EAP Association’s Workplace Outcomes Suite (WOS).

These analytics empower the HR suite with insights into different aspects of employee condition: from mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing and more.

Follow our smart recommendations to address absenteeism, presenteeism, dissatisfaction, and distress at work.

Employee Wellbeing Statistics

Employee Productivity Statistics

Employers see real results with MindFi

MindFi’s unique approach to corporate wellbeing provides targeted care to employees based on their condition and demonstrated need. 


Utilization rates amongst our clients

(industry highest)


of employees experience improved wellbeing


reduction in depression

(collaborative study with a major hospital group)

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