MindFi is revolutionizing Employee #MindFitness
and Wellbeing to optimize business impact

Learn how our employee wellbeing solution is disrupting the HR Tech industry and creating
positive change in Asia's workplaces at the HR Tech Festival 2022 on May 10-13, 2022.

Join our Head of Sales, Risha Malhotra, as she shares how HR can adopt a more inclusive approach to employee wellbeing. Catch her talk at the HR Tech Marketplace on May 13 at 10:00am – 10:15am.

of employees report improved wellbeing in 2 to 4 weeks of
using MindFi.

improvement in depression
after 1 month of active
use of MindFi.

reduction in stress levels after
1 month of active use of MindFi.

MindFi is a comprehensive care solution covering 50,000 APAC employees.

MindFi's program is smart, rooted in science and powered by advanced AI.
It is social and inclusive, designed by leading psychologists and experts to
support individuals at every point of their individual mental wellbeing journey,
and adaptable across the culturally diverse Asia Pacific markets.

Comprehensive Wellness Program

24/7 Self-Care / Group Care /
Private Care on the app

Diverse Provider

300+ providers for 1:1 counselling/coaching across 14 markets in APAC

Unique Community-Based Approach

Company Challenges, Group Activities,
Wellness Champions

Analytics-Driven HR Insights

Actionable insights based with
science-based metrics

Data Privacy and Protection

Compliant with 

Proven Success Record

Industry highest participation
and engagement

Trusted by APAC's Fortune 500 companies and startups

See what some of our clients are saying

“Concerns about mental wellbeing existed before COVID-19, but stigma made it difficult to address. With MindFi, we're able to increase our employees' mental strength in a less stigmatized way. The regular, highly-detailed updates on organizational well-being have proven critical in helping us make effective, data-driven decisions.”
Thomas Schellerer
MD, Pepperl+Fuchs
“MindFi has been invaluable in our journey of elevating employees' health and wellbeing. The app is engaging and easy to use, and the anonymized analytics help our team focus on the areas our employees need the most support in, without compromising their privacy.”
Sabrina Jaksa
Chief HR Officer, Funding Societies

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