Be a part of Asia's most diverse care network

Join MindFi as a Care Provider to build a network of clients and patients from all around Asia. Together, let’s establish your presence and grow your practice.

The MindFi mission

MindFi pursues a simple mission: making mental health accessible and culturally relevant for all. As a Care Provider, you play an integral role in making high-quality care accessible for people across Asia and beyond.

Become a MindFi Therapist

MindFi would be honored to support your career and help you scale your impact as a therapist.


Become a MindFi Coach

Looking for motivated clients to take your coaching practice to the next level? Talk to us about remote, part-time or full-time opportunities.

Why MindFi could be your next home

As a mission-led, member-focused organization, mental health Care Providers like you are at the heart of what we do. We do our best to make your experience an enjoyable one.

Total flexibility

  • Set your own hours with a workday that suits your lifestyle
  • Work from anywhere you want — your home, your office, your current practice

Digital innovation

  • Level up with the latest, fastest technology
  • Meet relevant clients with our smart AI-matching
  • Access an ever-growing library of digital programs and resources

Dedicated support

  • Focus on clients — we’ll handle the business, IT, and administrative hassle
  • Contribute to a community of world-class providers across APAC

Professional growth

  • Raise your profile with services for premium clients
  • Explore your passions for writing, group therapy, or training with MindFi

Are you aligned with our values?

Member care is #1

Everyone has a right to humane and compassionate care. Care Providers should uphold a high ethical standard to ensure efficacy and safety.

Evidence-based approach

In a region where misconceptions and stigmas about mental health abound, people deserve to receive trustworthy, evidence-based solutions.

Cultural competence

Asia requires culturally-competent care. We nurture a provider network that is diverse across race, gender, religion, social and cultural identities.

Confidential care

MindFi complies with the most recent data security and member privacy measures as part of industry-best accreditation. We guard member privacy. 

Meet a few of our happy Care Providers

Rhalf Jayson

Having a healthy body and mind is essential to success in all aspects of one’s life. People should be informed of the effects of mental illness and should be reminded of the fact that maintaining good mental health is important at all stages of life. It gives me tremendous fulfillment to be able to contribute to the psychological well-being of others through MindFi’s platform.

Bernice Lim

It has been a pleasure working with MindFi, given the flexibility and autonomy it provides its panel of practitioners. From onboarding to invoicing, MindFi has a simple and hassle-free system in place that frees its practitioners up to focus on what matters most – therapy to clients.

Glen Heyburgh

Joining MindFi was a great decision, as it helped me to diversify my practice to other areas of counseling. Their support is unparalleled and has been instrumental in allowing me to always offer a smooth and efficient service. The company is dedicated to the counseling profession and constantly providing education in all aspects of practice. In addition they are constantly striving to stay abreast of technology trends and effective counseling implementation.

Vishwa Puranik

I’m so happy to share my experience with MindFi. It’s been 3 months since I started working here. I appreciate the process of webinars and counseling sessions. Everything is on time, and there is smooth communication with the MindFi team. The work environment is so professional and supportive. I feel so honored to work with MindFi. I’m looking forward to more work opportunities!

Cecilia Ding

I have been working with MindFi for a few months now. It is a great experience to work with a platform that focus on psychoeducation. I look forward to exploring more opportunities with this great team and concept.


Ready for the next stage of your career?

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