Leadership Masterclass

Great leaders can guide others from Point A to Point B without burning their teams or their own selves in the pursuit of goals. This Masterclass is designed to help participants become better leaders in the workplace and in their own personal lives.

Learning Outcomes

Develop Leadership Starting from the Mind

Improve Relationships with Work Teams

Develop Compassion for Self and Others

With mindfulness, employees can tune in closely to what is happening in their minds and hearts, and understand how that colors their judgments and words. 

By recognizing and replacing negative emotions with positive ones, leaders can guide with compassion and empathy rather than fear or anger.

Great leaders aren’t necessarily high-ranking, powerful or wealthy. They are compassionate and considerate to others, acting as allies to nurture shared growth.

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Our capable Care Providers will walk your team through four important modules that deepen their leadership skills.

Module 1: Stable

The mind of the leader must be stable. There is no leadership without discipline. Gain discipline with meditation.

Module 2: Open

As leaders, let’s not get hooked to our thoughts. They are like clouds. Let’s cultivate our minds to be clear, blue skies.

Module 3: Friend

As a leader, treat everyone as a friend. Labeling “friend”, “enemy”, “stranger” is not helpful.

Module 4: Loyalty

The more empathy we build, the less insecure we become. When we see that we are all on the same boat, loyalty can grow.

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