MindFi’s latest updates: Smarter, more inclusive, and more helpful than ever before
We're so excited to announce and introduce these improvements to the MindFi app. Try them out for yourself and see why we're Asia's favorite corporate wellbeing solution.

This year has been very exciting for the MindFi Team. Our latest update comes with a ton of handy new features designed to make your experience smarter, more social, and more secure.

Brand new Community features

Our brand new Community tab is separated into two further sections: Circles and Classes. We’re so excited about all these developments because we believe that many people in Asia are looking for community and support.

Read on to learn more about how we’re making MindFi better!


Circles are our takes on topical forums. For now, we’ve launched three: Stress, Relationships, and Productivity. We created this feature because we feel there’s a huge lack of forum-based support for people in Asia. The advice people share on Reddit, Quora, or Twitter can be helpful, but more often than not it lacks cultural relevance, sensitivity, and actual scientific insight.

Case in point: It’s way more difficult to go “no contact” in an Asian country (a collectivist region where, somehow, everyone knows each other) than it is in the United States. Advice to “just cut people off” isn’t applicable here.

Because Circles are moderated and populated by 1) local professionals and 2) people just like you, our hope is that you’ll receive more relevant support. (When we refer to local professionals, we mean MindFi’s own licensed therapists and coaches). The advice you receive will be helpful, meaningful, and backed by science.

Here are a few things that you can feel 100% safe asking:

  • When or where in Singapore to propose to your significant other
  • How to impress your boss
  • How to deal with a frustrating trainee at work
  • Why it’s important to deal with conflict instead of brushing it aside
  • And so. much. more.

You can even post anonymously or under a fun username.


Our regular live classes are just twenty minutes long and run two to three times a week, usually in the morning or early afternoon. They’re quick, painless, and they offer you an easy opportunity to ask questions about topics that have been on your mind. If you miss the live session, don’t worry — we upload the video into our library within the week.

MindFi Spaces

MindFi Spaces

Something that is new under our Classes tab: MindFi Spaces. Whether you’re in Singapore or abroad, the pandemic has minimized our opportunities to make new friends, participate in engaging discussions, and build a community. These circumstances inspired us to launch weekly Spaces — group sharing sessions guided by one of our vetted coaches or therapists.

These Spaces are just 40 minutes to an hour long, and during this time you’ll talk about topics like stress, productivity, or just life in general. (Some intensive group therapy programs can run up to three hours per session).

Similar to a 1:1 EAP session, you can turn your camera on or off, and use the time to ask questions relevant to the topic. If you don’t want to link your face to your name, you can always use an alias. The purpose of this new offering is to provide an added layer of support for you.

Come one, come all to our community events!

Unlike other mental health apps, MindFi features a rolling calendar of live events for the community. Finding it hard to keep track of our Live Classes and Spaces?

Check out our MindFi Event Calendar, where we've organized everything into easy views just for you.

A smarter app and home screen

By now, you probably know there’s a lot of… stuff on the MindFi app. We have:

Self-care resources: Mindfulness tools (Breathe, Focus timer, etc.) and guided audio exercises
Group-care resources: Live classes, group therapy (NEW), and Circles forums (NEW)
Professional-care resources: One-on-one EAP sessions with therapists

Though we’re proud of all these offerings, we know that they can easily get overwhelming. What should you do, and in what order? How should you combine them? What if you just want to improve a relationship or boost your productivity?

There’s no point in creating great content if it’s not delivered in a useful way. We’ve redesigned much of our app and strengthened our recommendation engine so that you receive the most relevant experiences based on your mood, data from wearables (if any), and your bi-weekly wellbeing check-ins.

You’ll see most of the changes in your brand new home screen, which we designed from the ground up. (The last time we made such major changes to the app’s user interface was over two years ago!) Here’s a rundown:

Quick links to our most popular self-care resources. Try a super-quick box breathing session for better sleep, or set a dedicated focus timer to do your best work.

Simplified recommendation sections. Our recommendations are based on your regular bi-weekly check-ins and, if you’ve connected a wearable, your physical health data. You’ll see a daily recommendation section which refreshes everyday, plus a mood-based recommendation section. Press the emoji that best fits your mood and see additional content suggestions from MindFi’s library.

Mini-feed of the hottest posts in Circles. Jump into the conversation right away or quickly learn something new simply by scrolling down the home screen.

Quick links to ongoing or upcoming live classes. Last but not least, the bottom of the home screen contains links to upcoming live classes and group therapy sessions that you can attend.

Explore the new MindFi today!

We’ve put a lot of consideration into these features, and we hope that you’ll find them useful. If you have any suggestions or feedback, you can always message us at well@mindfi.co.

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