Mindfulness Masterclass

Mindfulness is a form of personal development training that enhances physical and mental performance, focus, memory and cognition. Backed by an increasing amount of scientific evidence, mindfulness training can be tailored to deliver a variety of business aims.

Learning Outcomes

Manage Stress Effectively and Avoid Burnout

Mindfulness has long been considered an effective treatment for a variety of emotional and physical concerns, including depression, high blood pressure, and burnout.

Increase Focus and Productivity

By entering lasting states of mindfulness, people can enhance their attention capacities and regulate their emotions in more healthy, stable ways.

Improve Relationships with Work Teams

When employees are more aware of their triggers and motivations, it’s easier to nurture smoother cooperation and collaborations.

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Our capable Care Providers will walk your team through four important modules to nurture a state of mindfulness.

Module 1: Self

Learn practical self-care exercises that artfully balances attention deficits with personal goals in fast-paced workplaces

Module 2: Team

Build psychological trust for effective teams, based on Google’s research. Rebound from setbacks as a team.

Module 3: Lead

Emotional intelligence is a key leadership skill. Learn self-compassion, emotion mapping and how to prevent burnout.

Module 4: Life

Digital habits & mental wellbeing go hand in hand. Optimize screen-time with useful MindFi features and micro-practices.

Ready to level up your organization with MindFi?

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