Resilience Masterclass

It's often said that we live in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous and Hyperconnected (VUCAH) world. Resilience is the ability to remain actively aware and creatively productive even when faced with pressure, stress and tension.

Learning Outcomes

Learn Techniques to Relax and Recharge

Employees will explore numerous time-tested techniques to address and cope with internal and external stressors.

Develop Mental Fortitude To Handle Pressure

A resilient mental outlook can be trained and strengthened with regular practice. Anyone can become more resilient.

Increase Positivity and Optimism

Resilience is better cultivated in teams, where shared empathy and understanding can translate into faith and hope for a better future.

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Our capable Care Providers will walk your team through four important modules that deepen their resilience.

Module 1: Relax

Enjoy an introduction to the basic mindful flow state and learn how it nurtures physical relaxation & sensory awareness.

Module 2: Team

Learn to find progressively deeper levels of freedom by using mindfulness techniques to from stress and tension.

Module 3: Lead

Practice exercises that have proven to increase mental positivity, ideal when facing intense pressure at work or home.

Module 4: Life

Deal with difficult emotions more effectively by observing or even learning to transform them into positive ones.

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