Sleep Masterclass

Sleep troubles are universal among most workforces, no matter how large or small. This program combines mindfulness practices with behavioral sleep training strategies derived from insomnia research to achieve better, more effective sleep among employees.

Learning Outcomes

Improve Sleep Quality and Energy Levels

Sleep affects every waking moment. Improvements in sleep quality translate to greater creativity, better moods, and increased productivity.

Reduce Unwanted Wakefulness at Night

Whether they stem from physical disorders such as apnea, or emotional triggers such as untreated stress, sleep concerns can be scientifically addressed.

Develop Balance in Life, Work and Rest

Behavioral recommendations from the world’s top researchers can promote sleep regulation for a more satisfying life.

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Our capable Care Providers will walk your team through four important modules to increase their awareness of their sleep habits and quality.

Module 1: Manage

Learn to manage the daily energy cycle by understanding mindfulness and how it applies to the 3P model of sleep.

Module 2: Aware

Step out of default “auto-pilot” mode and be aware of sleepiness versus tiredness through better sleep “hygiene”.

Module 3: Balance

Reinforce awareness of the Stress Funnel and how it relates to various energy states.

Module 4: Regulate

Re-commit to new mindfulness habits and learn to recognize and cope with insomnia.

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