Teamwork Masterclass

Teamwork is all about forging collective self-awareness and empathy among diverse people. Techniques from this Masterclass can help participants to reduce conflict, manage disagreements and increase focus (inner, outer and other) in their daily roles.

Learning Outcomes

Develop Awareness Starting from the Mind

Teamwork requires a conscious effort to be aware of all that is said to others. By cultivating mindfulness, employees can learn to lead with grace and empathy.

Enhance Relationships with Team mates

Poor work relationships can add undue stress and tension in an employee’s life. But a great, cohesive team can positively impact employee retention. 

Develop Compassion for Self and Others

When team members show empathy and compassion to one another, their collective force can actually become a source of strength and motivation.

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Our capable Care Providers will walk your team through four important modules to increase their teamwork skills.

Module 1: Aware

Experience different exercises that improve observation to help control wandering minds.

Module 2: Open

Practise emotional intelligence by building awareness of the human knack for story-telling. Open up about hopes and fears to find alignment.

Module 3: Empathize

Mentally step into one another’s shoes, or minds, to see new perspectives to provide relevant and effective support.

Module 4: Regulate

Identify shared norms from past experiences. Understand how new practices can be sustained in daily work routines.

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