HR leader evolution key to unlock a bright future of work
Listen to these influential CHROs as they share their insights on the future of work. Discover how top HR executives are pursuing greater business resilience.

Virtually every company on the planet will leave 2022 with practical learnings from the COVID pandemic. Many HR leaders agree that creating a safe, fulfilling place to work is of utmost importance.

This panel session from the Wellbeing at Work Summit in Singapore was hosted in April 2022 and is just 40 minutes long. Enjoy global insights and personal anecdotes from a highly-experienced panel of CHROs and wellbeing experts.

Panel participants:

  • Simon Frank — Chief Human Resources Officer, Thome Group
  • Sandi Sadek — Chief People Officer, B Capital Group
  • Bjorn Lee — CEO, Mindfi
  • Karin Clark — Chief People & Culture Officer, Aaqua
  • Michelle Seaton (Moderator) — APAC Partnerships Lead, Wellbeing at Work

Find answers to questions like:

  • What are the practical HR lessons from the COVID era?
  • How can HR leaders create places where employees feel supported and want to go to work?
  • What can employers do to ensure they maximize the accelerated shift to agile working?
  • Reinventing the role of HR to ensure the wellbeing of all employees
  • Leading HR and corporate initiatives in a challenging business environment?

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