Wellbeing Champions Masterclass

When physical and mental wellbeing are made a priority at work, employees will exhibit improved moods, lower rates of absenteeism and presenteeism, and better performance. This Masterclass is designed to strengthen the bonds between teams so they can achieve wellbeing together.

Learning Outcomes

Develop a Network of Wellbeing Champions

As with any group, there are certain individuals who are especially talented at driving positive changes. It’s possible to nurture more of these Wellbeing Champions.

Foster Communities Focused on Wellbeing

When employees are surrounded by others who commit to better physical and emotional wellbeing, they’re more likely to experience positive improvements in their own life.

Build a Positive Culture in the Organization

No toxic positivity here! True wellbeing deals with the inevitable struggles and hard times in a positive, constructive way instead of ignoring them.

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Our capable Care Providers will walk your team through four important modules that deepen their understanding and awareness of wellbeing.

Module 1: Self

Wellbeing starts from self. Learn about the 3A’s of Self-Mastery, designing your life purpose and thinking with your heart.

Module 2: Other

Develop empathic communication skills through deep listening techniques, learning questions and the 3 steps of giving feedback.

Module 3: Team

Learn how to build mutual trust and compassion amongst individuals in your work team and become an effective advocate of wellbeing.

Module 4: Culture

Work closely with fellow wellbeing champions and foster a long term culture of positivity and fulfillment in the company.

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