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Take charge of the mental health and wellbeing of your organization with an integrated and community-driven program.

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Connect the dots between your wellbeing initiatives, benefits, and resources.

Many wellbeing initiatives are well-meaning, but lack impact because they’re not executed and tracked as part of an integrated wellbeing program.

MindFi provides you with a centralized platform to integrate all your initiatives in one structured and trackable program so that you can deploy your best wellbeing strategy.

Break barriers to employee participation

Your wellbeing initiatives are under-used. It feels like you’ve tried everything to get participation rates up — but employees just aren’t engaging because of stigma and cultural barriers with mental health.

We help you break these barriers by emphasizing community-based initiatives, education, and personalization for every individual.

Level up your wellbeing analytics to run your best program

You run surveys to determine employee wellbeing needs but how do you know if the data is reliable? And how can you prove that your initiatives can positively impact the ultimate goal: your HR metrics?

We give you access to science-based data collection methods and metrics to accurately assess employee needs and take quick action. Furthermore, we’ll help you connect improvements in wellbeing to your core metrics to prove the ROI of your initiatives.

How we’ll put together
your proactive wellbeing program.

Wellbeing Resources​

We provide wellbeing resources for self and professional care that’s connected to your existing initiatives — all, on one centralized wellbeing platform.


We connect employees with internal and external community groups to facilitate wellbeing-related interactions; reinforcing that they are not alone in their wellbeing journey.

wellbeing analytics

Through analytics, we deliver personalized care experiences for every employee and empower HR with actionable insights to continuously refine their wellbeing strategy and program.

Make the shift from reactive to
proactive wellbeing.

Reactive wellbeing

You’re unsure about your employees' needs so you try random, disconnected, initiatives to see what works.

You have to push or implore employees to participate or engage in resources over the long term.

Each employee feels isolated and distant in their wellbeing journey and struggles.​

Most of the help only arrives after a crisis occurs.​

Spend on employee wellbeing is unstable and unpredictable because you can’t measure impact.

Proactive wellbeing

You know exactly what employees are struggling with and can tailor your program strategy to address them.

Employees are engaged and place importance on their wellbeing and participation with initiatives.

Your team builds rapport, communication, and connections from the inside out about wellbeing.​

There's early and proactive care and intervention.

You’re able to budget, forecast, and save on costs because you can track and measure wellbeing improvements and its impact on HR metrics.

Employers see real results with MindFi

MindFi’s unique approach to corporate wellbeing provides targeted care to employees based on their condition and demonstrated need. 


Utilization rates amongst our clients

(industry highest)


of employees experience improved wellbeing


reduction in depression

(collaborative study with a major hospital group)

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