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MindFi platform pricing

Your complete solution for all employee wellbeing and EAP needs


Traditional EAP

Employee Support

Self Care

Video Classes & Audio-guided Exercises
Community & Groups
Wellbeing Check
Weekly Webinars

Professional Care

1-to-1 Mental Health Counselling
1-to-1 Behavioral Health Coaching
24/7 Text Chat
24/7 Hotline (Toll Free)

HR / Employer Resources

HR Analytics & Dashboard
Marketing & Communications Kit
Customer Service

Optional add-ons

Wellbeing learning & development

  • Virtual or in-person Masterclass
  • Virtual or in-person Group Coaching

Bespoke promotional activities

  • Virtual kick-off roadshow
  • Onsite event / roadshow for kick-off or to drive employee participation
  • Corporate Wellness Challenge to drive active engagement

Critical Incident and Crisis Management

  • Crisis Escalation Protocol set-up

Pricing FAQ

How does pricing work?

Plans are on an annual basis. And packages are based on employee headcount and usage of 1-1 counselling and coaching sessions.

Optional add-ons can also be included at a cost.

How can I buy MindFi?

Request a quote here and we’ll reach out and take it from there. You can also start a free trial and you’ll be able to purchase any time along the way.

Payments can be processed by credit card or through an invoice (bank transfer).

How does the free trial work?

When you sign up, you’ll gain access to both the HR/employer resources and the employee support experience. You also can invite up to 4 other teammates to the trial.

You can start a trial from here.