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Urgent & emergency
wellbeing support

Supporting struggling employees or dealing with a workplace crisis? Discover how MindFi can help you deliver timely and effective wellbeing support for your team.

Launch in minutes and give employees instant access

Time is of the essence — You can’t afford long or tedious set up times. MindFi allows you to launch our EAP and wellbeing service instantly with our automated platform.

Ultimate flexibility when choosing number of users

Don’t let cost hinder employee support in their hour of need: Sign up your entire organisation or select struggling groups. No minimum users are required for MindFi plans and you only pay based on those added.

Access to on-demand professional support

With our automated scheduling system, employees can book therapy or counselling sessions within just 24 hours. MindFi provides instant professional support, ensuring employees get help precisely when they need it during crises.