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Traditional EAPs v.s.

Why MindFi's EAP & wellbeing platform is so much better at improving the mental health and wellbeing of your employees.

EAPs are largely reactive. MindFi, proactive.

An EAP is assistance. Its aim is to help resolve wellbeing issues that have already occurred.

MindFi’s wellbeing platform aims to prevent issues from arising in the first place.

EAPs target short-term resolution. MindFi, long-term engagement.

EAPs are only used by some employees who experience issues and are willing to initiate engagement.

MindFi’s platform strives to educate all employees to place an importance on their wellbeing and engagement with initiatives.

EAPs are one dimensional.

MindFi, multi-faceted.

Most traditional EAPs only provide therapy booking.

MindFi includes that and so much more like: employee self-care resources, education, training programs, & analytics for HR.

Their differences — summarised 


Traditional EAP

Employee Support

Self Care

Video Classes & Audio-guided Exercises
Community & Groups
Wellbeing Check
Weekly Webinars

Professional Care

1-to-1 Mental Health Counselling
1-to-1 Behavioral Health Coaching
24/7 Text Chat
24/7 Hotline (Toll Free)

HR / Employer Resources

HR Analytics & Dashboard
Marketing & Communications Kit
Customer Service

Wellbeing with ease

We help employers and employees access their mental wellbeing program with ultimate ease.

On-demand therapy

Ensure employees get easy and timely access to the professional care they need most


Diverse mental wellbeing support through 5 additional channels: media content, 24/7 text and hotline, and more.

Real time insights to achieve ROI

Live analytics to measure impact on employees. Plus, insights to address issues before they arise.