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July 2022 Corporate Wellbeing and Mental Health Calendar — Free Download

Enjoy our mental health and wellbeing calendars for desktop and mobile. Perfect for July 2022 national and international celebrations!

HR Insights

Employee wellbeing is the undeniable, unstoppable future of work

After two years of continuous change transformed employee relationships with work, businesses that want to maintain productivity and performance must prove their commitment to employee wellbeing and happiness.

101 Guides

MindFi Spaces: Transformative group therapy make your day better

  Heard us talk about “MindFi Spaces” but had no idea what it meant? Look no further, this article is for you to find out …


Mind control: cultivating personal superpowers for work and daily life

Let’s go on a journey with relationship coach Sebastian Ong as he shares about three superpowers applicable for work and daily living.


June 2022 Corporate Wellbeing and Mental Health Calendar — Free Download

June 2022 is upon us! Use our HD monthly wallpaper as your desktop background and find inspiration for better mental health.


The power of routines: mind-body connection for modern professionals

The mind and the body are often treated as separate entities, even though they’re inextricably linked. Wellbeing routines like yoga and mindful eating can improve the mind-body connection and improve performance.

Case Studies

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Reports and Deep Dives

HR Insights

HR is the magic ingredient for DEI And ESG in the workplace

ESG is top of mind for most future-facing companies and organizations. Discover how HR departments are getting involved to help achieve organizational ESG goals and drive DEI.

HR Insights

HR leader evolution key to unlock a bright future of work

Listen to these influential CHROs as they share their insights on the future of work. Discover how top HR executives are pursuing greater business resilience.


Understanding Asia’s Great Resignation: Surprising employee statistics from 11 countries

Will Asia experience a Great Resignation of its own? We did the research to see how employees in 11 Asian countries (including Singapore, India, and SEA) are doing.

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