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The power of routines: mind-body connection for modern professionals

The mind and the body are often treated as separate entities, even though they’re inextricably linked. Wellbeing routines like yoga and mindful eating can improve the mind-body connection and improve performance.


May 2022 Corporate Wellbeing and Mental Health Calendar — Free Download

May 2022 is Mental Health Awareness Month. Celebrate better mental health with MindFi’s downloadable personal and corporate wellbeing calendar!


MindFi’s latest updates: Smarter, more inclusive, and more helpful than ever before

We’re so excited to announce and introduce these improvements to the MindFi app. Try them out for yourself and see why we’re Asia’s favorite corporate wellbeing solution.

two people facing each other across a table, a clipboard on the table, coaching or counseling session
101 Guides

Four Key Differences Between Coaching and Counseling

When you hear of a coach, do you think of someone out on the field training the soccer team? Do you think of a counselor …


April 2022 Wellbeing and Mental Health Calendar — Free Download

April 2022 is Stress Awareness Month. Celebrate better mental and emotional health this month with MindFi’s downloadable calendar wallpaper!

HR Insights

Ways to Measure Employee Wellbeing: a metric-based approach to happiness at work

For many, the pandemic was an opportunity to begin implementing digital HR tools. Leaders far and wide implemented digital workforce platforms and HR management systems …

Reports and Deep Dives

HR Insights

Why HR is critical for ESG and what you can do about it — Ebook

ESG is top of mind for most future-facing companies and organizations. Discover how HR departments are getting involved to help achieve organizational ESG goals and drive DEI.

HR Insights

The Role of HR Leaders in Shaping the Future of Work — Digital Panel Webinar

Listen to these influential CHROs as they share their insights on the future of work. Discover how top HR executives are pursuing greater business resilience.


Understanding the Great Resignation in Asia: Asia workforce statistics for 11 countries

Will Asia experience a Great Resignation of its own? We did the research to see how employees in 11 Asian countries (including Singapore, India, and SEA) are doing.

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