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No allocated budget for wellbeing?
No problem.

Learn how you still can provide employee wellbeing support by integrating MindFi with your employee flexible benefits program.

Year-long access to wellbeing self care

Employees can allocate a small part of their annual flexi-benefit budget for an annual subscription to MindFi’s self-care app, offering resources like webinars, guided exercises, and self-assessments — priced from just $7-$40 per employee per year.

Self-pay for professional therapy & coaching

With our on-demand system, employees can effortlessly schedule and pay for therapy or coaching sessions using credit cards or digital payments — paying only for what they use without any upfront commitment.

Claiming therapy expense from flexi-benefits

If employees want to expense their therapy/coaching sessions from their flexi-budget, MindFi streamlines the process with digital receipts provided after each session, ensuring seamless reimbursement.