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We are experiencing high levels of stress...

And 5 in 6 employees do not feel sufficiently supported

Lack of open conversations on wellbeing and mental health due to stigma

Traditional Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) go vastly under-utilized

Boring, unengaging approach to employee wellbeing fails to spark interest

Transform employee wellbeing with our community approach

MindFi socializes care experience by connecting your employees with our network of providers via the MindFi App.

Video and Audio content

Private and group counselling / coaching

Communities and support groups

L&D Masterclasses

24/7 Chat and Hotline

With MindFi, companies achieve real results


utilization rates amongst our clients (industry highest)


of employees experience improved wellbeing


reduction in depression (collaborative study with a major hospital group)

Join our clients in the #MindFitness movement!

“We couldn’t have asked for a better partner on this journey of ‘collective’ yet ‘individual’ wellbeing for our employees.”
Shikha Malhotra, Chief of Staff at Shiok Meats
“On behalf of the Asia Pacific Government Engagement team, I would like to express our gratitude for MindFi’s partnership, leadership and professionalism as we embarked on our journey to support our team members’ mental and emotional wellbeing. We are satisfied with the quality of support we have received thus far, and are all looking forward to continuing our collaboration!”
Debbie Heng, Manager, Operations, Asia Pacific Government Engagement at Visa
“MindFi has been invaluable in our journey of elevating employees’ health and wellbeing. The app is engaging and easy to use, and the anonymized analytics help our team focus on the areas our employees need the most support in, without compromising their privacy.”
Sabrina Jaksa, Chief People Experience Officer, Funding Societies | Modalku at Funding Societies
“At Patsnap, we are always looking for innovative ways to look after our employees’ wellbeing, so I’m excited to be working with the MindFi team to provide tools to support PatSnappers’ mental health – both inside and outside of work.”
Jeffrey Tiong, CEO & Founder at Patsnap
“At WTW, our employees’ wellbeing has become a top business priority. MindFi has supported our employees across Asia Pacific with an engaging and effective platform that is easy & practical to use. The app’s solutions effectively strengthened our resilience in the time we needed it most. Thank you!”
Pheona Chua, Regional Senior Consultant – Corporate Health and Wellbeing at Willis Towers Watson
“Concerns about mental well-being existed before COVID-19, but stigma made it difficult to address. By partnering with MindFi, we’re able to eradicate this stigma and increase our employees’ mental strength. The most powerful aspect of MindFi is the access to regular, highly-detailed updates on organizational well-being. The insights and recommendations help us make effective, data driven decisions.”
Thomas Schellerer, MD of Pepperl +Fuchs

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