How this Big 4 Accounting Firm is building a culture of proactive wellbeing

The APAC branch of a Big 4 accounting
firm reached out to MindFi during its search
for a wellbeing solution.

As a regional leader in audits and accounting,
the firm wanted to ensure that its 3,000 employees had the tools and support needed to thrive under high pressure.


The Challenge

Fast-paced and highly stressful all year around, the audit and accounting industry is known for high turnover. Such problems can be especially acute among the Big 4 firms, where, in addition to managing long hours, employees must manage client expectations and uphold company prestige.

One Big 4 firm sought to improve overall wellbeing in the organization with a combination of employee support resources and leadership-led culture change. They desired scientific insights into the wellbeing state of employees and actionable suggestions for leadership to execute.

After a thorough review of different providers around Asia, the firm decided that MindFi fulfilled all of its needs.

The Solution

MindFi delivered a customized solution that included:

  • Premium app subscription for 3,000 Singaporean employees, with access to 600+ video classes and audio guided exercises
  • Private & Confidential EAP: Digital therapy & counseling services for employees
  • Masterclasses on various wellbeing topics, including “Happiness Starts With Good Mental Health” and “Mental Health First Aid For Leaders”
  • Wellbeing Analytics to provide actionable insights and refine the wellbeing program delivery

“MindFi is an amazing app. After having a counseling session with a kind and understanding therapist, I can follow up with or post my questions in the form. It increases my capacity to deal with self-isolation.”

– Employee of the firm

The Results

💬  Significant wellbeing improvements

  • On average, employees who signed up for at least one EAP session achieved a 33.5% improvement in their overall employee wellbeing score.

📈  Impact on productivity:

  • Within the course of a month, the firm’s average productivity level increased from below 50% to 77.4%.

🧠 Masterclasses & signups:

  • Over 33% of employees have signed up for a MindFi account. The firm saw 1000 attendees across 5 masterclasses, demonstrating a clear demand for topics related to mental health and wellbeing.

💪🏻 Stronger culture of wellbeing:

  • The firm saw a 15% increase in the overall wellbeing of all employees who used MindFi.

During the partnership with MindFi, this firm has seen:


average improvement in overall wellbeing score after attending a counselling session


increase in productivity levels after a month of using MindFi’s solution


session minutes spent by employees on the MindFi app within a month


Approximately 5.4% of the firm’s employees actively seek therapy, with stress and anxiety being the top topics choices in the financial sector. Over 60% of first-timers return for subsequent sessions.

Seeing this momentum, the firm has regularly topped-up their package with additional EAP sessions to ensure that employees can receive the support they need.