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HR Insights

Revisiting EAP Efficacy: Five Shortfalls of Traditional Employee Assistance Programs

There’s no question that mental health and employee satisfaction are linked together. In fact, studies conducted by the World Health Organization have found that globally …


A Day in the Life of a Mental Health Counselor

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be working in a mental health environment? Or, are you considering the path of a psychologist, counselor, …


Insights from a Healer About Mental Health and Counselling

Melanie is a registered counsellor, life coach, corporate trainer, lecturer, and energy healer from Malaysia. She has completed her Bachelors in Psychology and Masters in …

HR Insights

Pros and Cons of a Mental Health App for the Workplace

Here are 6 pros and cons of mental health apps for work.


Up-Close and Personal with Finance Coach

Patrick Lim is a coach at MindFi and provides financial coaching to help people starting in their career as well as those in a financial …

101 Guides

Pros and Cons of an Employee Assistance Program: Is It Right for Your Company?

Want to know the pros and cons of EAP? Are you trying to decide whether you should provide employee assistance benefits for your employees? If …

Reports and Deep Dives

HR Insights

HR is the magic ingredient for DEI And ESG in the workplace

ESG is top of mind for most future-facing companies and organizations. Discover how HR departments are getting involved to help achieve organizational ESG goals and drive DEI.

HR Insights

HR leader evolution key to unlock a bright future of work

Listen to these influential CHROs as they share their insights on the future of work. Discover how top HR executives are pursuing greater business resilience.


Understanding Asia’s Great Resignation: Surprising employee statistics from 11 countries

Will Asia experience a Great Resignation of its own? We did the research to see how employees in 11 Asian countries (including Singapore, India, and SEA) are doing.

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